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Some Photography Accessories & Software

Welcome to Kea Sigma Delta! Here, you will find photography accessories, and software for easily fixing/enhancing your photo's colours.

NEW: A Selfie Stick With Bluetooth Remote Shutter

KSD-SELFIE-32BT - Selfie Stick PackagingTake great travel shots of yourself and your family/friends without having to give your smartphone to complete strangers. Then, show the photos to others using the phone holder as a stand.

The KSD-SELFIE-32BT selfie stick is a great tool for taking photos while you're out and about. It extends to over 1m/3.3ft to fit in multiple people, while its Bluetooth remote shutter button eliminates the need for a timer. Then, when you're back at home (or in your hotel/lodge) you can detach the phone holder and use it as a stand while you show off the photos to others.

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Relight - A Photo Colour Correction/Enhancement Tool

Have photos where the colours didn't turn out right? Or maybe you have old photos whose colours have faded over time. Relight - a photo colour correction tool - can help you correct colour and lighting issues such as these quickly. It can:

  • Fix photos that look too red, blue, or pale;
  • Fix photos that look washed out (i.e., faded) too dull, too bright;
  • Perform creative colour transformations; and,
  • More...

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Reddish PortraitReddish Portrait - EnhancedCape ReingaCape ReingaRoyal Parade NederlandRoyal Parade Nederland - EnhancedCresta PalaceCresta Palace - EnhancedIce Cream DessertIce Cream Dessert - Enhanced

Recent News/Blog-Posts

Wishing You a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Posted by on | 1 Comments

New Zealand Christmas Stamp from 1961Merry Christmas, and I hope that you have a very happy New Year!

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Sunny 16 and Other Exposure Rules

Posted by on | 0 Comments

Garden in Cosmos Most beginner DSLR users, especially those who have shifted from a point & shoot camera to a DSLR recently, struggle when they shoot pictures in outdoor locations. They would say, “Well I could shoot better with my point & shoot; I don’t know why I struggle with my new DSLR.” The reason, more often than not, is that they try to shoot in manual mode without first trying to understand the basics of exposure.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Image Stabilization

Posted by on | 1 Comments

Motion-blurred Car Image stabilization essentially means compensating for the movement of the camera/hand while the image is being made, and ensuring that the subject of the composition is sharp in the final image. Image stabilization is a fairly new concept in photography. It has been around for just 14-15 years. Different camera/lens manufacturers have assigned different names for their image stabilization technology. Thus while Canon calls it Image Stabilization, Nikon calls it Vibration Reduction, Panasonic calls it Optical Image Stabilization.

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Flex Your Tripod and Take Photos From Difficult Spots

Posted by on | 0 Comments

KSD-FT29 Flexible Tripod

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Taking Better Black & White Photos

Posted by on | 1 Comments

Alpaca lipsYou have probably seen beautiful black and white photos and immediately recognized their power and artistry. What isn’t so easy to recognize is exactly how those images are created. After all, it’s more than just taking out the color. If you have ever tried converting your color images to black and white, or shot with black and white film, you quickly realize that a photograph doesn’t become a timeless work of art just by being monochromatic. So, let’s look at what makes a great black and white image.

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