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Relight - A Photo Colour Correction Tool (icon)

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Relight is a specialised photo enhancement tool designed specifically for fixing colour issues in photographs (i.e., colour correction). It is a quick and easy way to:

  • Fix those party (or non-party) photos that look too red, or too pale;
  • Fix photos that are too dull, too bright, faded, or look washed out;
  • Perform other colour adjustments, and creative colour transformations;
  • Quickly scale, crop and rotate images; and,
  • Make your photos look better.

In short, it is simple yet powerful and easy to use photo colour correction software. Results can be achieved quickly, often in a matter of seconds.

Download Demo

Reddish PortraitReddish Portrait - EnhancedCape ReingaCape ReingaRoyal Parade NederlandRoyal Parade Nederland - EnhancedCresta PalaceCresta Palace - EnhancedIce Cream DessertIce Cream Dessert - Enhanced

Mapping Source Colours to Correct/Desired Colours

Colour Mapping PanelAt Relight's core is a colour transformation engine. You choose coloured areas in the image, match them to the correct/desired colours, and Relight will find the best transformation to correct the image (or perform some creative effect). The desired colour could be a preselected colour (e.g., skin-colour), a custom colour, or the colour extracted from another photograph. We call this "colour correction by example."

Key Features

More Information

Relight screenshotMore information is available via the following links:

You can also download the demo version and try it out yourself.

Currently available for:

  • Microsoft Windows (XP and newer)

Is your preferred platform not supported? Click here, to let us know.


At first I didn't quite understand how it worked, but after watching the superb included help videos, I got the hang of it...
I have used it on half a dozen pictures already, so it has already proven to be well worth the money!

Niclas Eriksson, Sweden


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$19.99 NZD   (≈ )

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