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SCRAP Photo Editor

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Scale, Crop, Rotate, and Publish (SCRAP) your photos quickly and easily.

Often these features are all that you need, so why bother paying for programs that have a mind-boggling array of additional complex features that you don't use? This simple photo editor cuts things down to the bare essentials, and does those essentials well. It keeps things simple, which makes it easy to use and saves you time. Best of all, it's free!

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  • Use preset sizes for common uses, e.g., email, social media, print, HD screen display
  • Scale to fit a specific width or height (e.g., you need it to be 500 pixels wide, but don't care about the height)



  • Crop visually (using the mouse), or numerically for precision
  • Crop to exactly fit 4x6" photo paper, or any specific size
  • Crop and scale simultaneously to fit an exact size (e.g., 4x6" at 300 DPI, which is 1200x1800 pixels)



  • Rotate visually, or numerically for precision
  • Quickly align straight lines such as horizons and building edges
  • Quickly straighten out crooked scanned in photos



  • Save images in a variety of different formats
  • Turn your photos into personalised gifts/merchandise (e.g., mugs, t-shirts, necklaces, etc.)
  • Print your photos


More Information

SCRAP Photo Editor ScreenshotMore information is available via the following links:

You can also download it and try it out yourself.

Currently available for:

  • Microsoft Windows (XP and newer)

Is your preferred platform not supported? Click here, to let us know.


Product Code: KSD-SCRAP